Privacy Statement

Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record (“CCR”) is UFV's official document developed to recognize a student's out-of-classroom extra-curricular contributions. CCR provides students with an official document to communicate and validate their co-curricular involvement to future employers, graduate school applications and for grants and bursaries.


Important Changes – We Need Your Consent

Please note, the service provider of the CCR software and platform (the “System”) is Higher One, Inc., doing business as Campus Labs. Higher One is located in New Haven, Connecticut. This is important because in the event that the System requires maintenance or technical support, Higher One will be granted access to the System to perform such tasks. This means that your personal information may be accessed outside of Canada. UFV requires your consent to do this.

If you are concerned that your personal information will be accessed outside Canada, please do not access or use the System.


Student Consent

1.         I consent to my personal information being accessed outside of Canada by Higher One, Inc. for the purposes of System maintenance or technical support. My personal information may include: identification information, contact information and the content and details of my personal co-curricular record.

2.         In the event of System maintenance or technical support, the System will be accessed by Higher One, Inc., located at 115 Munson Street, New Haven, CT 06511.

3.         This consent is valid from the date I gain access to the System and will remain valid as long as I continue to access and use the System.

By clicking “yes”, you provide your consent as described above.