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UFV Advocacy for Men and Boys (UFVAMB)

UFVAMB endeavours to raise awareness of issues affecting men and boys through public education. Our focus shall be on positive, non-violent activism for a healthier society.

UFV Alerts

Students and employees can stay informed about critical campus information by registering to receive UFV Alert messages.

UFV Arab Club

We welcome Arab and non-Arab students to join our club. UFV AC work to represent Arab culture to the Canadian community and more...

UFV Badminton Club (UFV x BC)

This is the official Facebook page of the new badminton club at UFV. UFV x BC aims to promote the fundamental values, and skills pertinent to the sport of Badminton.

UFV Bhangra Club

UFV Bhangra Club

UFV Chandigarh

UFV Chandigarh is University of the Fraser Valley's satellite campus located in Chandigarh, India. The students have an option to enrol in the BBA, BCIS or MPDC program in India and can transfer to the campus in Canada after their first year.

UFV Circle K International Club (UFV CKI)

Circle K is the worlds largest University Service Club. UFV Circle K Club began in September, 2014. Please join us in order to offer service to UFV students, local community, and the world. Oh yeah, we have fun too!

UFV Feminist Initiative (UFV FI)

UFV Feminist Initiative is a pro-intersectional feminist group at the University of the Fraser Valley. The Feminist Initiative provides support for feminists and feminist activists who are working towards gender equality and social justice.

UFV Hip Hop Club (UFVHHC)

UFV Hip Hop Club is an inclusive student community for all things street dance.

UFV India

UFV India is dedicated to celebration of diversity of students from different countries. We provide all UFV students a platform to explore Indian Culture with enthusiasm. UFV India has been Celebrating all major Indian events like "Diwali".

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