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Math and Stats Centres

The UFV Math and Stats Centres are very popular places for students to work together, get help with their mathematics and statistics courses, sign out extra textbooks, and use mathematical and statistical software.

Media & Communications Studies (MACS)

‌There is no doubt that today’s social media, whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, text messaging or the internet in general, are changing how people connect with and relate to each other.

Mental Health Awareness Club (MHAC)

MHAC strives to diminish the stigma surrounding mental illnesses by providing a friendly environment where discussions regarding these issues are openly available along with an ample of information and sessions used to educate the public on issues.

Mindfulness Workshop 2017

Learn how to practice mindfulness meditation to manage stress, pain, anxiety and depression. This is a skills-based workshop series and not group therapy. We will use guided meditation and theoretical teachings.

Modern Languages (MOLA)

The fact is that humanity's future on this planet rests on increased international trade, cooperation, and understanding. We cannot hope to survive without understanding our fellow humans, and the key to this is the learning of other languages.


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