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Continuing Education (CE)

UFV Continuing Education (CE) is here to serve you as the leading adult education resource in the Fraser Valley. Gain hands on knowledge to start a career and support yourself while obtaining your degree!

En Route UFV

En Route UFV connects domestic and international students through tourism based off-campus travel to promote cultural awareness, education opportunities, and relationship building.

Essential Skills Training

An indispensable series of workshops for students who are working, or wish to work, on campus.

Friends of Special Olympics (FOSO)

To provide a rewarding volunteer opportunity for students at UFV through volunteering with and advocating for Special Olympics BC and individuals with intellectual disabilities

Indigenous Student Club

A club for Indigenous students to connect, talk about First Nations culture, and provide an Indigenous perspective to U.F.V.

Kinesiology Student Association (KinSA)

KinSA is made up of students in the Kinesiology program or taking kinesiology courses at UFV. Our student association provides engaging and informative extra-curricular events and informs students of pertinent information about the kinesiology field.

Mental Health Awareness Club (MHAC)

MHAC strives to diminish the stigma surrounding mental illnesses by providing a friendly environment where discussions regarding these issues are openly available along with an ample of information and sessions used to educate the public on issues.

Nursing Student Association (NSA)

Mentoring new nursing students through drop-in session, promote well balanced student life by hosting events and celebrate completion of semester through end of semester celebrations.

PacificSport Fraser Valley (PacificSport)

PacificSport is a regional sport advocacy and support organization

Peer Resource & Leadership Centre (PRLC)

The Coast Capital Savings PRLC provides a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space where student volunteers help other students to find information, identify resources available to them, and provide peer to peer support and mentorship.

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