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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science hosts over 800 students. Departments include Biology, Chemistry, Math and Stats, and Physics which are all major options in the BSc, as well as Physical Geography (Computing Science is pending). Along with the BSc degree program.

Fashion Design Student Association (FDSA)

The purpose of the association is to provide a forum for fashion students to meet, discuss relevant themes and plan events such as the year end fashion show which showcases and celebrates student work.

Financial Aid & Awards

Obtaining a post-secondary education requires a considerable financial investment.

First-Year Challenge (FYC)

First-Year Challenge is created specifically for first-year students to get to know the UFV community.

Friends of Special Olympics (FOSO)

To provide a rewarding volunteer opportunity for students at UFV through volunteering with and advocating for Special Olympics BC and individuals with intellectual disabilities

Friends Without Borders (FWB)

Friends Without Borders (FWB) is a 10+ week intercultural peer mentorship program that builds connections and networks for students culturally and socially.