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Association of History Students

The Association of History Students is a Student Union Society association at UFV representing all History students including those pursuing Majors, Extended Minors, Minors, and Certificates.

Centre for Indo Canadian Studies (CICS)

The CICS is the UFV's nexus point where scholars from UFV programs, Indo Canadian community members as well as groups from all sectors of the community, and international visitors, students and scholars from India/South Asia come together.

College of Arts - Dean's Office (COA)

The College of Arts is the largest unit at the University of the Fraser Valley with departments such as English, Visual Arts, History, Modern Languages, Criminology, Economics, Psychology, and much more. There are numerous opportunities for success.

CreWri UFV

CreWri UFV is UFV's first student-led Creative Writing Club. We are a club open to any and all students who have a love for writing and provide, workshop series, Writer's Block Parties and live Poetry/Prose Readings.

En Route UFV

En Route UFV connects domestic and international students through tourism based off-campus travel to promote cultural awareness, education opportunities, and relationship building.

English Students Association (ESA)

ESA organizes events and activities to bring English students together, including literature readings, writers' circles, book exchanges, and peer mentoring. If you love language and literature, this is the group for you!

E-Sports Valley Club (ESV)

ESV aims to develop a strong foundation for competitive e-sports on campus, and build a safe and welcoming community for players.

Fashion Design Student Association (FDSA)

The purpose of the association is to provide a forum for fashion students to meet, discuss relevant themes and plan events such as the year end fashion show which showcases and celebrates student work.

Graphic and Digital Design (GDD)

As the ultimate “problem solving” profession, graphic design intersects culture, society, commerce, and the environment. Working in collaborative creative environments, graphic designers create multi-platform solutions in various areas.

Media & Communications Studies (MACS)

‌There is no doubt that today’s social media, whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, text messaging or the internet in general, are changing how people connect with and relate to each other.

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